Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Charity Hill Is Back -- And She's About To Get Naughty!

Scandal and heartbreak.

Spanking and Sex.

Innocence tested in a whirlpool of decadence and desire!

Cheeky American runaway Charity Hill fell madly in love with British billionaire Harry Edgewell in my first Charity Hill novel, Burning Innocence. But now in a single moment her world is shattered, as Charity catches Harry in a shockingly scandalous position with sexy superstar Lola Montez!

Heartbroken and hungry for revenge, the innocent, freckle-faced beauty runs blindly from the scene of the crime – and straight into the arms of Harry’s worst enemy, the cruel and cunning Lady Margaret Carlton!

Proud, icy Margaret is furious at Harry for jilting her. With Charity in her power, she plans a subtle and satisfying revenge, employing all her vast wealth and her seductive skills to transform Harry’s feisty little redhead into a willing sex-slave!

Living in luxury within the posh confines of Lady Margaret’s stately country home, Charity’s emerald-green eyes are soon opened to all forms of pleasure. The crafty older woman pushes all manner of eligible males her way, from lusty country lads to kindly old squires, while at the same time disciplining Charity and pleasuring her to the edge of total submission.

But no amount of pleasure can make Charity forget her true feelings for Harry. And as the cruel Lady Margaret attempts to lure Harry into a trap she discovers that flame-haired, freckle-faced Charity has a fiery desire for freedom – and a few sexy tricks up her sleeve!

Burning Captivity is my first sequel ever, and it's the second book in my spanking series The Charity Chronicles. If you enjoy tons of spanking, an innocent heroine, and all manner of sexual adventures, please check it out at Blushing Books or on Amazon!