Sunday, June 21, 2009

Welcome To Carol Storm's Blog!

Here's an excerpt from my latest PHAZE release, HIALEAH HEAT:

"Lying back in an extra wide hammock with her eyes closed and her hands behind her head, Kathleen Sullivan knew she looked like the perfect picture of life in Coral Gables, Florida. The privileged, secluded Miami suburb was the ideal place for rest and relaxation. The only problem was Kick couldn’t relax. Any minute now, the cell phone on the table next to her was going to ring. A man she didn’t know would issue stern commands, and Kick would rush to obey. The danger excited her almost as much as the decadent, submissive fantasy.

The waiting was always the hardest part. Sleep killed the time, but lately when she slept her dreams were filled with sexy images of him. A tall, dark man was looming over her on the bed, his broad, tanned chest and tight-knotted abdomen bare, his face in shadows. Kick wanted to rest and forget, but her restless dreams only underlined the unpleasant truth. The Master never did anything she didn’t want. Even when he tied her hands behind her back and smacked her bare bottom until she howled, she only wanted him even more. Instead of sleeping, Kick found herself fidgeting and squirming as she fantasized about the unknown man she called the Master."

If you'd like to read more of Kick's story, please go to and click on URBAN PHAZE on the left-side menu to purchase HIALEAH HEAT!