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Carol's Special Guest Blog Presents: Ursula Bauer!!

Hey gang! Happy Valentine's Day! I am honored to have Ursula Bauer with me today. As you can see from the cover photo above, her books are always sexy and innovative -- and they have that extra edge. You can visit Ursula at:

And now live from the STORM REPORT, here's Ursula Bauer!


Top 10 Things People Say When They Hear You’re A Writer

I’ve found over the years people say some strange things when they hear you’re a writer. Sometimes funny. Sometimes a little crazy. Other writers I’ve talked to have similar experiences. Last night in my crit group we were sharing some of them, and I decided to pass them along. These are the things that sort of make you take pause, and challenge you to find a professional way to respond. Some come from family members, some from friends and acquaintances, others from total strangers. All of these are preceded with something to the effect of : “I’m a writer. What do I write? Romance Novels…”

10) A writer? Really? And your books sell? (At a management training seminar, and then 2 years later from a neighbor at a ‘get to know your neighbors’ cocktail party)

9) When I heard you’d written and got published, I told myself, well If she can do it, I sure can. (From a ‘frenemy’)

8) You know, I have an interesting life. I should write a book about it. (From multiple strangers, acquaintances and family members)

7) You know, I have an interesting life. You should write a book about it. (From multiple strangers, acquaintances and family members)

6) Will you tell my (insert convoluted relationship here)’s cousin how to break into the business? (Multiple sources)

5) That’s great. Here, take my poetry and read it. (Numerous sources)

4 ) That’s great. Let me read you my poetry. (Followed by the person producing said poetry and launching into a dramatic reading. No lie. With other people sitting around. Stranger met that night at a cocktail party.)

3) How about I tell you my ideas and you write the book? I can’t put a sentence together. (From a family member.)

2) I used to love romances. Then I got married. Now I know the truth. (Acquaintance)


1) I was a writer once. I wrote a book. The Canadian Park Police stole it when I was camping in a national forest. (Total stranger)

Now it’s obvious to me that the idea of being a writer holds a certain mystique for folks…what have your experiences been when someone says those immortal words, “I hear you’re a writer…”?

Ursula Bauer


Author of Immortal Protector and Immortal Illusions , Books I and II of the Eternity Covenant Series. Magic-Action-Adventure-Passion – Everything you want in Contemporary Paranormal Romance with a dash of urban fantasy and ancient lore.