Monday, February 9, 2015

Breaking All The Rules With That Man From Martuk!

All right, they told me about the rules. But I didn't listen! MAN FROM MARTUK is a classic desert sheikh romance, except it's . . . well, it's sort of hot. And dangerous. And really, really scandalous.

I mean, Marta Forbes is cheating on her husband! And she's having phone sex behind his back. And at the same time she's trying to make her marriage work but it's no use because secretly her husband likes men! And the man Marta's been gabbing to on the phone, who's got a sexy deep voice and is getting her hotter and hotter all the time, is nearly twice her age. And he's a prince. And when timid little Duncan Forbes, Marta's poor weak-willed hubby, runs off with her sexy prince's grown-up son . . . well, what's a girl to do?

So here's poor Marta, abandoned in the desert kingdom of Martuk, and accused (quite falsely) of putting her absent husband up to stealing secret plans for the desert kingdom's economic development program. Of course Duncan abandoned her, leaving her to take the heat, which in this case means a very public spanking in front of the whole royal court! And it's even more embarrassing for Marta because the suave, sexy older man she's been flirting with for months is selected to do the job. And afterwards he claims her as his wife because her spineless American husband has obviously abandoned her!

To survive in Martuk, Marta Forbes must break all the rules. I hope you'll break a few rules too, and take a chance on MAN FROM MARTUK by Carol Storm, now on sale at Amazon and always available from Blushing Books.