Sunday, December 13, 2015

"Free story? What free story?"

Sorry, Uncle Ebenezer! Daphne's Christmas Flame has come and gone. It was part of this year's "12 Days of Christmas" promotion at Blushing Books. They've always got great free giveaways, not to mention tons of the sexiest spanking stories anywhere. But if you missed it, don't despair! Just drop me a note on Goodreads or visit Carol Storm's Facebook page and I'll get you a free author copy for review! Isn't it great when authors and fans share in the Christmas spirit?

"Bah! Humbug!"

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Charity Hill Is Back -- And She's About To Get Naughty!

Scandal and heartbreak.

Spanking and Sex.

Innocence tested in a whirlpool of decadence and desire!

Cheeky American runaway Charity Hill fell madly in love with British billionaire Harry Edgewell in my first Charity Hill novel, Burning Innocence. But now in a single moment her world is shattered, as Charity catches Harry in a shockingly scandalous position with sexy superstar Lola Montez!

Heartbroken and hungry for revenge, the innocent, freckle-faced beauty runs blindly from the scene of the crime – and straight into the arms of Harry’s worst enemy, the cruel and cunning Lady Margaret Carlton!

Proud, icy Margaret is furious at Harry for jilting her. With Charity in her power, she plans a subtle and satisfying revenge, employing all her vast wealth and her seductive skills to transform Harry’s feisty little redhead into a willing sex-slave!

Living in luxury within the posh confines of Lady Margaret’s stately country home, Charity’s emerald-green eyes are soon opened to all forms of pleasure. The crafty older woman pushes all manner of eligible males her way, from lusty country lads to kindly old squires, while at the same time disciplining Charity and pleasuring her to the edge of total submission.

But no amount of pleasure can make Charity forget her true feelings for Harry. And as the cruel Lady Margaret attempts to lure Harry into a trap she discovers that flame-haired, freckle-faced Charity has a fiery desire for freedom – and a few sexy tricks up her sleeve!

Burning Captivity is my first sequel ever, and it's the second book in my spanking series The Charity Chronicles. If you enjoy tons of spanking, an innocent heroine, and all manner of sexual adventures, please check it out at Blushing Books or on Amazon!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Juliana And The Wolf

So there I was, ten years old, sobbing away in front of my television on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

See, I'd just been watching CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF, the old Hammer Films classic starring Oliver Reed and Yvonne Romain, and right smack in the middle of it the beautiful mute servant girl dies horribly!

I felt devastated. For some reason, that mute, helpless girl, who dies before the real werewolf even comes into the picture, seemed so real to me. More real than the silly looking furry wolf-man, and much more real than the silly chattering villagers.

So I made myself a promise, at ten years old. A promise that someday I would write a werewolf story where the beautiful, strong-willed Spanish servant girl does not die! Instead she stands up to the werewolf, finds her destiny, and ends up married to the most amazing older man, who by the way is fabulously rich, wise and kind. And who totally worships the ground she walks on!

Now I have to be honest with you. This is a short story, not a full length novel. But in these short pages you will see Juliana grow up, from a chubby little baker's daughter to a desperate runaway to a loving and mature woman with amazing courage. Along the way, you'll meet fun-loving army cadets, sneering evil noblemen, sexy French servant girls, a monk with a secret, a beautiful dying boy, and one dirty old man who gets exactly what he deserves. I really tried to bring the whole colorful panorama of Old Spain to life, AND tell a good old-fashioned werewolf story with a beautiful love story tucked inside.

And this time, the servant girl lives happily ever after!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Are you a Charity Hill person?

Well, that depends on a much bigger question: what does escape mean for you?

If you're like me, you've always had a secret weakness for the Cinderella fantasy. I mean, there you are, nineteen years old and in a foreign country, backpacking along in scuffed boots and a ragged pair of Levi's, and just then -- whoosh!

You see, if you're a single girl in London, luck doesn't always come in the form of a glass slipper. Sometimes luck is a splash of mud from a passing bus.

For Charity Hill -- eager, impulsive, outspoken, crazy about having fun adventures -- getting splashed with mud leads right to being picked up by the ultimate Fairy Godmother. Lady Edith Edgewell-Beddington, who's not only gorgeous but fabulously wealthy and well-connected, and who immediately takes the bedgraggled little runaway under her wing.

Wonderful things like that don't often happen in the real world. But in my books, that's how life is!

So if you're Charity, the heroine of my new book, you're probably thinking you've got it made, right? Sleeping at Lady Beddington's, meeting all sorts of classy people, learning to be a proper lady? Well, sure, but there's a catch.

That would be Harry, Lady Beddington's darkly gorgeous nephew. Who's a billionaire, by the way. Harry is the catch because he doesn't quite approve of his beloved auntie's new reclamation project. Harry is also the catch because . . . well, he's the catch! The ultimate, mouth-watering catch of the day. Charity takes one look and just knows she's got to have him!

But Harry is a bit old-fashioned. As in, he expects his wild American runaway to talk and act like a proper lady at all times. To exercise discipline and self-control and be a real grownup. So even though he adores his new redheaded girlfriend, every time Charity forgets her table manners, or ignores the alarm clock and turns up late for a date, or just acts up like the fresh, impulsive nineteen year old she is, well . . . Harry simply gives her a very stern bit of old-fashion British discipline. Right on the seat of her trousers!

BURNING INNOCENCE is just the first book in a three book series that will chart the ongoing adventures of Miss Charity Hill. Can a rumpled-looking redhead from America really fit in to posh London society? Can a girl who always follows her heart learn to use her head as well? Can a heroine who loves breakfast in bed and sleeping past noon ever learn to be an early bird?

Stay tuned for the next thrilling installment of THE CHARITY CHRONICLES!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Merit's Reward Is On Sale Now!

Merit's Reward is one of "those" books.

You've read those books.

We've all read those books.

There's a woman of a certain age, you see, fabulously wealthy, quite sophisticated, the mistress of a stately home and the mother of two or three perfect, adoring children. Oh, and she's the undisputed ruler of a vast business empire. She's truly the woman who has everything . . . except love.

I love those books, don't you? The kind where the heroine is always in silk and pearls, and she rides a thoroughbred, and her life is one of quiet luxury and elegance. And there's always an affair, discreet yet sweetly passionate, and it leads our lady of a certain age to lasting love and happiness. Everything happens in a sort of mellow glow, and even the love scenes are nice and easy.

The only thing is, I write for Blushing Books. And as Tina Turner so memorably said, "we never, never do nothing nice and easy. We do it nice . . . and rough."

So when I sat down to write Merit's story, I decided that her second chance at love would be a biker, half her age. Who's in trouble with the mob. Who's utterly dominant and likes to discipline his woman when she misbehaves. An utterly primitive brute who's also absolutely devoted to his woman, and her children. And when trouble comes, the two of them face it together, her sophistication and business smarts matched with his animal courage and brute strength. Merit and Victor Crowne are truly a dynamic duo, and the passion between them burns hotter than anything you'll find anywhere . . . except maybe in one of "those" books.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Breaking All The Rules With That Man From Martuk!

All right, they told me about the rules. But I didn't listen! MAN FROM MARTUK is a classic desert sheikh romance, except it's . . . well, it's sort of hot. And dangerous. And really, really scandalous.

I mean, Marta Forbes is cheating on her husband! And she's having phone sex behind his back. And at the same time she's trying to make her marriage work but it's no use because secretly her husband likes men! And the man Marta's been gabbing to on the phone, who's got a sexy deep voice and is getting her hotter and hotter all the time, is nearly twice her age. And he's a prince. And when timid little Duncan Forbes, Marta's poor weak-willed hubby, runs off with her sexy prince's grown-up son . . . well, what's a girl to do?

So here's poor Marta, abandoned in the desert kingdom of Martuk, and accused (quite falsely) of putting her absent husband up to stealing secret plans for the desert kingdom's economic development program. Of course Duncan abandoned her, leaving her to take the heat, which in this case means a very public spanking in front of the whole royal court! And it's even more embarrassing for Marta because the suave, sexy older man she's been flirting with for months is selected to do the job. And afterwards he claims her as his wife because her spineless American husband has obviously abandoned her!

To survive in Martuk, Marta Forbes must break all the rules. I hope you'll break a few rules too, and take a chance on MAN FROM MARTUK by Carol Storm, now on sale at Amazon and always available from Blushing Books.