Thursday, March 19, 2015

Merit's Reward Is On Sale Now!

Merit's Reward is one of "those" books.

You've read those books.

We've all read those books.

There's a woman of a certain age, you see, fabulously wealthy, quite sophisticated, the mistress of a stately home and the mother of two or three perfect, adoring children. Oh, and she's the undisputed ruler of a vast business empire. She's truly the woman who has everything . . . except love.

I love those books, don't you? The kind where the heroine is always in silk and pearls, and she rides a thoroughbred, and her life is one of quiet luxury and elegance. And there's always an affair, discreet yet sweetly passionate, and it leads our lady of a certain age to lasting love and happiness. Everything happens in a sort of mellow glow, and even the love scenes are nice and easy.

The only thing is, I write for Blushing Books. And as Tina Turner so memorably said, "we never, never do nothing nice and easy. We do it nice . . . and rough."

So when I sat down to write Merit's story, I decided that her second chance at love would be a biker, half her age. Who's in trouble with the mob. Who's utterly dominant and likes to discipline his woman when she misbehaves. An utterly primitive brute who's also absolutely devoted to his woman, and her children. And when trouble comes, the two of them face it together, her sophistication and business smarts matched with his animal courage and brute strength. Merit and Victor Crowne are truly a dynamic duo, and the passion between them burns hotter than anything you'll find anywhere . . . except maybe in one of "those" books.