Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Call me crazy, but to me there's nothing sexier than a good old-fashioned hypnosis scene. You know, the darkened room, the hushed whispers, the heavy gold watch swinging to and fro . . . and at the center of it all, the tormented heroine. Unlocking her memories is the key to solving a terrible crime. But is it already too late?

That's the starting point for HUNTED WITNESS, my new novel of erotic suspense, available only on PHAZE books (http://www.phaze.com/) in August. Jasmine Dumont is a party girl who's seen too much. Adam Black is a tough ex-cop who's seen it all. The two of them had a red-hot one night stand over a year ago -- but now Jasmine's life is in danger. And Adam is the only man she can trust!

Along with tons of sizzling sex, (of course) this story has humor, intrigue, and lots of beautiful Florida scenery. Come to PHAZE in August and take a look at my hot new book!