Sunday, December 28, 2014

2014: The Year It All Changed For Carol Storm!

2014 was the year it all changed for me. This was the year I became a Blushing Books author! I started with HOUSE ARREST, as you can see from the stunningly beautiful cover above. It's a short story, based (not too closely) on my own real life experiences as an English teacher in Japan in 1998!

Since it was my first time out, what I tried to do was create a glamorous Harlequin Presents type story, (innocent heroine, exotic location, dominant hero from another culture) and then add the naughtiest spanking scenes I could think of. Reviews were very good though some very nice readers hinted that my spankings could have been a lot naughtier!

Now the next time out, I decided to simply make up a story, totally out the air, without any background from my own past. From carefully studying the sensational authors at Blushing Books, I decided that I wanted a.) a wholesome all-American heroine b.) a tough lawman hero c.) a steaming hot series of spankings that were not just "thrown in" but vital to the story line and the hero and heroine's relationship. The result was a sweet, funny, one of a kind story I call CRYSTAL AND GOLD!

CRYSTAL AND GOLD did pretty well for Blushing Books, in fact at one point it was up to #27 on their Top 50 Chart! Not bad for a newbie author with no website and a blog that hadn't been updated in years!

But what I wanted to do next was explore my roots in fantasy and science fiction, and create a lighter story with less spanking and more humor. The result was a bouncy little space opera called LOVE BEYOND TIME!

All things considered, I'd say 2014 was a pretty good year for Carol Storm. Can't wait for what the next year brings!